Tips for Moving Apartments in the Winter

Most moves happen between May and September – meaning the winter months are notoriously slow for apartment hunting. In other words, you may come across specials that favor your winter move, and better yet, more provide you with more flexibility! As you come up with a game plan for your apartment move, Forest Properties has put together a few winter-focused tips to prepare. After all, we’re all about making the best of every move, during every season in New England! 

Two people carrying boxes down a snowy street in preparation for an apartment move.

Check the Weather 

You can only plan so much without having the weather take a toll on your agenda, so be sure to check your local forecast for snow, sleet, or icy conditions leading up to moving day. Safety is always a #1 priority, especially if you plan on renting a moving truck or need to carry furniture out of your old place and into your new one.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, get in touch with your property manager to reschedule your move-in (and move out) day. While we totally understand the excitement to move into your new Four Seasons Apartment in Providence, RI, safety always comes first!

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Exterior view of the Four Seasons in Providence including pool and tennis court

Four Seasons in East Providence

The Four Seasons is located within ten minutes from downtown Providence. Our community is has a beautiful landscape and floor plans to fit your budget. Come visit us today and learn more!

Pack with Temperature in Mind

Whether you decide to hire professional movers or move yourself, it’s important to know the context of each moving box and what can be exposed to cold temperatures. Consider the following: 

  • Some appliances are sensitive to the elements and freezing temps.
  • Indoor houseplants should be transported separately and kept away from snow and ice.
  • Double-wrap fragile items to protect them from cracking.

yellow, orange, blue, and green moving towels rolled up and ready for packing.

Bring Old Towels or Sheets

Old towels and sheets? But why would you want to bring raggedy items into your brand new Landing 53 apartment in Braintree, MA? As your trek back-and-forth from packing your moving truck, there’s a chance your feet will bring in snow, ice, and rock salt. Laying down old towels or large sheets is a great way to protect hardwood, tile, and carpets. Cleanup is super easy as well- just throw everything in the laundry! 

Good to Know: If you have a pair, consider wearing slip-proof boots to increase stability and traction when walking through slippery winter conditions.

A line of cars parked on the side of the road in boston with a snow covered ground.

Turn Down the Heat

You heard us right. To avoid hiking up your first heating bill, turn off the heat in your apartment as everyone moves boxes and furniture from outside to inside. Your furnace will continuously run to keep the apartment warm, but without success if the doors are constantly being opened and shut. Once the big items are brought inside, feel free to set your apartment at a desired heat and enjoy your new toasty home at Clearway Apartments in Boston, MA!

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The Clearway Apartments in Boston

Just steps away from Boston's finest cafes, museums, and the iconic Fenway Park, The Clearway features one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Take a tour today!

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

Packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking is hard work (especially when snow, ice, and rain works their way into the mix!). If your moving budget is flexible or you’ve been saving up for a while, consider hiring professional movers to do the heavy work for you (we have a whole blog post dedicated to our favorite moving companies in Boston – give it a read!).

Since the winter months are considered the off-season, many moving professionals offer great deals and have a fair amount of availability on their calendars. 

Have you moved during the winter months? What are your tips to help fellow tenants manage a move among slushy snow and cool temps? Share with us on Facebook!

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