Tips and Tricks for Packing a Moving Truck

Once you’ve packed up belongings and are ready to pick up your truck rental, it’s time to master the skill of loading and securing items in the moving truck. From positioning furniture to stocking up on moving supplies, there are multiple ways to maximize your storage space in the back of the truck rental. Here are a few tried and true tips and tricks.

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1. Decide What Size Moving Truck You Need

Once you’ve made the decision to move and have signed a lease at your new Forest Properties apartment, reserve your moving truck or van right away. From small cargo vans to larger trucks, many of Boston’s top moving companies offer a variety of truck sizes based off the apartment size you’re moving.

Good to Know: The teams of drivers, packers, and movers of Stairhopper Movers and Precision Moving are motivated to make your Boston move a successful one.

2. Gather Packaging Supplies

There’s nothing worse than being halfway done with your packing and realizing you’ve run out of moving boxes, tape, and labels. Stock up on moving supplies before to move begins to ensure you’re prepped and ready to go! Here are a few must-haves:

  • Packaging tape and a permanent marker
  • Sturdy moving boxes and plastic wrap
  • Furniture pads and moving blankets

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3. Label Everything

The best piece of moving advice we can give is to label everything. Every box, every container, simply everything! Consider labeling boxes by room to avoid endless rummaging when unpacking in your Parkside Apartment. For example, pack your kitchen items and keep your pots and pans together. For the bathroom, pack towels and washcloths together for easy access.

A Helpful Tip: Before packing and labeling boxes, lessen your load by parting ways with certain items. Check out our post on What Not to Pack When Moving for Ideas – your moving truck will thank you!

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4. Recruit Friends

So, you think you can move your entire apartment from Point A to Point B in one shot? Think again!

Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time or are relocating to X in Boston for work, we recommend recruiting a few friends or family members to lend a hand during the loading and unloading process. It’s never a good idea to lift, carry, and transport heavy items by yourself – plus it takes forever. If a day of hanging out, packing boxes, and sharing a pizza doesn’t convince friends to join, check out these Boston moving companies for an extra hand.


5. Load the Largest and Heaviest Items First

Ready to begin loading your moving truck? Start with packing the largest and heaviest items towards the front of the truck (near the driver’s cabin). Be sure each item is secured to the interior of the moving truck to avoid anything from falling or crushing smaller items. Here are a few items you may wish to move first:

  • Mattresses and bed frames
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Couches, sectionals, and loveseats

6. Roll Up Rugs

Area rugs are bulky, heavy, and can take up a good amount of room. But they sure do pull together living rooms in Landing 53 apartments! The solution to moving them from one apartment to the next? Roll ‘em up!

First, give each rug a thorough vacuum to collect loose dirt, dust, and other particles. Next, it’s time to roll. It’s best to roll it with the top side facing out to avoid damaging the soft material in transit. Once the rug is rolled, tie it securely with duct tape, rope, or a bungee cord and place it upright in the moving truck to save space.

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7. Load Heavy Boxes Before Lighter Boxes

Heavy boxes that contain pots, pans, shoes, and other bulky items should be placed onto the floor of your moving truck. This way, you’ll be able to securely stack lighter boxes (extra blankets, pillows, pictures, etc.) without damaging contents beneath.

When it comes to loading fragile items, it’s worth taking the time to properly wrap, pack, and secure them. This includes mirrors, televisions, and breakable objects. The best spot for fragile items is in cubby areas of the truck, such as between chair legs and under coffee tables. If possible, Keep sentimental items nearby in the truck’s driver cabin for security.

Do you have moving truck packing tips that didn’t make our list? Share your ideas with fellow Forest Properties residents on Facebook.

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