Questions to Ask During an Apartment Tour

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Whether you’re moving into your very first apartment or are a seasoned pro at finding complexes close to your needs, knowing what to ask during an apartment tour is a key piece of information that will not only keep you one step ahead of the apartment searching game, but will also provide you with insight on apartment living. Keep these questions in mind when meeting with a leasing consultant for a smooth introduction to your lease!

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Interior of the business center at Cloverleaf apartments

Cloverleaf Apartments – A Luxury Natick Community

Cloverleaf Apartments offers high-rise luxury apartments within walking distance of Natick’s most popular areas. Find your new studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom apartment today.

What Are The Leasing Terms?

What kind of lease are you looking for, and what comes along with it?

From month-to-month and year-to-year, establish what your leasing timeframe looks like and decide which type of lease best suits your lifestyle. Do you tend to move a lot, or are you looking to plant roots in a particular area? Here are key questions to ask leasing consultants to understand the specific terms of potential lease:

  • How much is rent every month, when is it due, and what method of payment is preferred?
  • What does the security deposit cover?
  • Am I required to get renters insurance?
  • What amenities, utilities, and emergency services are included?
  • Should I expect rent to increase through the year?
  • What are the terms in which property managers and maintenance can enter my apartment?
  • What are my options for renewing the lease?

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Are Pets Allowed?

What’s the ultimate apartment deal-breaker for prospective tenants? Whether or not your pet is allowed to move in, too!

Before setting a time to tour an apartment complex, first ask the property manager if dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, or any other type of pet you may have is allowed. It’s a good idea to ask about breed and weight restrictions, as well if the community provides pet play areas, dog parks, or nearby walking trails.

Tips to Remember: Apartment living with pets means you and your furry friend will need to go over some house rules! Think to yourself: Does my dog tend to bark? How often does he/she need to be walked? Would a ground level apartment work best.

Which Floor Plan Works Best for Me?

As you search for your dream apartment, you’ll have a running checklist of amenities and apartment characteristics you’d like to have. While it’s exciting to think about spending afternoons out by the pool or working up a sweat in the fitness center, don’t forget about which floor plan best suits your needs, wants, and lifestyle!

Studio Apartments – Studios are wonderful options for single individuals who are looking for a bright and open first apartment. When it comes to design, it’s a lot of fun decorating studios and creating a theme that can be carried out throught the entire space. Studios are also great for crafty DIY storage projects!

Multiple Bedrooms – Whether you’re living with a pet, a partner, or your growing family, consider how many bedrooms not only suit your current apartment needs, but enhance daily routines. One bedroom units are a wonderful upgrade from studios, giving separate spaces for cooking, dining, and relaxation (with more storage, too!) Two and three bedroom apartments give a “homey” feeling – allowing each member of your family to have their own space, while coming together in communal living areas like the dining room, living room, and the heart of the house – the kitchen!


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What Changes Can I Make To The Apartment?

One of the most exciting parts of moving into a new apartment is decorate it! Keep in mind to ask your property manager what types of changes you’re allowed to make to the interior of your new home. Avoid any type of major structural changes, painting of walls, and updating appliances. However, adding picture frames, colorful throw pillows and blankets, and bright area rugs are fantastic alternatives for brightening up those white walls!

Our favorite design tip: Add curtains and removable wallpaper. Give your apartment a touch of character with colorful curtains to brighten up the space, and give yourself an accent wall covered with removable wallpaper from Joss & Main!

Where Should I Park My Car?

Don’t always assume that there will be enough parking directly outside your door for all of your vehicles. Some apartment complexes allow one or two spots per unit, and additional vehicles, like those of visitors, must park in a designated guest lot. Many complexes provide residents with tags or stickers to display in their car windows, so be sure to ask for these to avoid your car being towed.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice to keep in mind is to ask the apartment community’s current tenants what their experience has been like. This will give you a front row view of apartment living, and will hopefully lead you in the direction of your new home!

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Aerial view of Ranch Lake apartments

Moving to Ranch Lake

Explore Ranch Lake's luxury community in the heart of Bradenton, Florida.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice to keep in mind is to ask the community’s current tenants what their experience has been like. This will give you a front row view of apartment living, and will hopefully lead you in the direction of your new home!

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