Bradenton vs. Fort Myers: Which is Right for You?

Thinking about moving to Florida? Southwest Florida is a popular spot for young families, hungry professionals, and even retirees. Bradenton and Fort Myers are two of the main hot-spots in this sunny Southwest paradise, each with their own set of unique attractions, personalities, and lifestyles that draw interest to new residents. If you’re comparing Bradenton and Fort Myers for your potential new address, here are some highlights to help you decide which area is meant for you!

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The Local Florida Weather 

There’s not much of a difference in weather between Bradenton and Fort Myers since the two towns are fewer than two hours apart from each other. However, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the local climate if you’re relocating to Florida. Here’s a general breakdown of seasonal temperatures, weather, and what to expect when moving to Florida:

  • The summers can be very hot and humid, but cool breezes off the Gulf Coast make temperatures manageable. Summer temps range between the mid-80s and low 90s.
  • The winter months in Florida rarely dip below 40° and average around 50°. While the temperatures may drop, there is still plenty of sunshine.
  • Bradenton and Fort Myers see a fair amount of precipitation throughout the year, particularly from June through September. It’s a good idea to keep a travel size umbrella handy for mid-afternoon showers!
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Exterior shot of the sign at Audubon Cove in Florida

Views from Audubon Cove in Florida

Enjoy scenic lake views of Fort Myers from your private balcony or patio at Audubon Cove. Explore the community's available floor plans today!

Education and Schools

Education can be a big deciding factor for families who are looking to relocate. A great way to learn more about local school districts and specific schools is

Of course, education is a very important and personal deciding factor. Before you and your family pack up and the kids hit their textbooks, take as much time as you see fit to explore both districts and schools to make the best decision for your children and their Education needs.

Job Markets

Did you know that both Bradenton and Fort Myers are home to large companies that employ a significant portion of local residents? Whether you were looking for a city feel in Fort Myers or more of a small town vibe in Bradenton, each area has low unemployment rates.

Public Transportation

Bradenton is seen as a commuter town, which means there’s a good amount of public transportation available. You can utilize the manatee county area transit systems, or for complete control over your commute, consider purchasing your own car or a wallet friendly bicycle for short routes. Most commuters in Fort Myers choose to drive to and from work.

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Aerial view of Ranch Lake apartments

Moving to Ranch Lake

Explore Ranch Lake's luxury community in the heart of Bradenton, Florida.


Fort Myers residents are lucky enough to have the Southwest Florida International Airport just outside the city! Since it’s a small airport, you can get through security quickly and get home within 20 minutes. Being an international airport, you can get just about anywhere in the world.

Bradenton residents on the other hand have some traveling to do from the airport. The nearest airport is Tampa, so you should expect 45 minutes to an hour travel time to get to and from. That being said, Tampa is a much larger airport, so you are more likely to find direct flights! When the traveler in you decides which option is best, you’ll know which town is for you.

the pool at forest properties apartment, ranch lake in bradenton florida.

The pool at Ranch Lake Apartments in Bradenton Florida.

Apartment Options

If you have your mind made up on whether to live in Bradenton or Fort Myers, rest assured that Forest Properties offers beautiful apartment complexes in both areas:

However, if you still need some time to narrow down your decision between the two cities, renting an apartment is a great way to get familiar with the local area and explore. Contact the property managers of Forest Properties apartments to schedule a tour of available units!

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