How to Get Your Apartment Ready for Spring

It’s time to get your Forest Properties apartment ready for the warmer temperatures! According to Punxsutawney Phil, we should be expecting an early spring this year in Boston, and we’re so ready to transition away from cold weather. If you’re anxiously awaiting springtime, here’s how to prep your apartment for the upcoming season!

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Do a Deep Clean

Cleaning isn’t exactly the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but trust us, it’s better to tackle your spring cleaning checklist now instead of pushing it off. Once the sun comes out in New England, the last thing you’ll want to do is stay inside and clean!

Open your windows to the fresh spring air, turn on your favorite music, and clean everything you’ve been neglecting for the last few months. From dusting to vacuuming and scrubbing to polishing, spring cleaning your Landing 53 apartment now is totally worth it. Check out our complete Spring Cleaning Tips for Apartments Guide for some inspo to add some extra elbow grease into your cleaning efforts!

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Living in Luxury at Landing 53

Located about 30 minutes from the heart of historic Boston, Landing 53 is Forest Properties' newest luxury building in Braintree, MA. Schedule a tour of available units today!

Tuck Away Winter Clothing

Out with the thick and bulky, in with the light and airy! Pack away your sweaters, winter coats, mittens, and other cold-weather accessories to make room for your springtime apparel. If you could use a little extra storage space in your Parkview Exchange home, check out our post on Storage Solutions for Apartments to help you make the most of your space.

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Enjoy the Perks of The Parkview Exchange

Make a convenient commute to either Providence or Massachusetts. Choose from a  studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments. Make an appointment today for your tour!

Prep Your Patio

Residents of Waterford Place and Wyndham Park will be excited for this one! We all know how relaxing it is to spend time outdoors, especially on your private balcony or patio. Prepping your patio for the warmer months now means you’ll be able to enjoy it as soon as the temps warm up and the sun stays up a bit longer each day. Here are some tips:

  • Give your patio a good sweeping
  • Add a string of lights for a cozy vibe
  • Replace worn or ripped cushions
  • Add colorful potted plants or flowers

fresh greenery on a clean kitchen counter

Add Some Greenery

If you’ve discovered your green thumb after cleaning your patio space, bring some life into your apartment by adding greenery! From hanging plants to potted blooms, adding greenery is a great way to refresh your Cloverleaf Apartment home and add pops of color without needing to redecorate an entire room. 

It’s important to remember that there are many factors that go into choosing the best type of indoor plants for your apartment. Here are just a few pointers to keep in mind before you start patting the potting soil:

  • Consider the amount of natural sunlight your apartment receives
  • Be sure small children or pets can’t access plants (this will help avoid a mess!) 
  • Double check which houseplants are pat-approved
  • Create a watering schedule to avoid your plants drying up

How do you prepare your apartment for new seasons? From cleaning sprees to decorating tips, share your spring-inspired hacks with us on Facebook!

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