Spring Cleaning Tips for Apartments

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Now that we’ve officially entered spring, there’s one task apartment dwellers tend to put off from week to week: spring cleaning! The thought of cleaning out a winter’s worth of dust bunnies doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your weekends in Florida, but there’s no better feeling than enjoying a fresh and clean apartment. Forest Properties has rounded up our go-to spring cleaning cleaning tips to make this task less of a chore!

Don’t put on your yellow rubber gloves just yet! The key to successful, time efficient spring cleaning efforts begin with a plan. Before you start to scrub, make a checklist, organized by room, of the cleaning tasks that lie ahead. Here are a few pointers to keep you cool, calm, collected, and squeaky clean:

  1. How long are you expecting each project to take? Plan your time accordingly!
  2. Make a cleaning checklist for each room.
  3. Do you have all of the cleaning supplies needed?
  4. Does your apartment manager recommend specific products for hardwood, appliances, etc.?
  5. Is an extra set of helping hands required for certain cleaning projects?

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Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

Before getting a grip on your broom handle, make a list of cleaning supplies you’ll need to tackle your chores. After all, there are a few essential accessories to really get your apartment at Audubon Cove sparkling!

There’s nothing worse than stopping a cleaning project because you’ve ran out of bleach, a mop head, or paper towels. Whether you reside in Bradenton or Sarasota, check out these local stores that have the cleanest stock for every room, fabric, and surface in your apartment:

West Florida Supply – Residents of Ranch Lake can get local expert advice, a top-notch selection of cleaning products, and access to rent cleaning equipment at West Florida Supply in Sarasota and Ft. Myers!

ALDI – Not only is ALDI a go-to grocery store for fresh goodies, but you can also pick up cleaning supplies on the same trip! From vacuums, dust pans, stepping stools, and multi-purpose cleaning tubs, find everything needed at an ALDI in Bradenton (and pick up a snack for yourself, too!).

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Clean Room by Room

Once you get into the cleaning mood, it’s very easy to spread yourself thin across your Florida apartment. You’ll have supplies scattered all over the place and become exhausted! Our best advice is to develop an organized plan of action, one room at a time. While you may be the type of cleaner who aims to clean as much as possible, start off with the room you least enjoy cleaning. This way, you’ll get it out of the way, and will feel super motivated as you notice progress between every room you spruce up.

As you check off one room and move on to the next, think about what types of additional help may be needed. With a little elbow grease and some good company, there’s nothing wrong with asking roommates, friends, or neighbors at The Lexington for help with moving large pieces of furniture or tackling big projects.

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Download a Cleaning App

Your read that right – there are quite a few apps that are created to keep your spring cleaning task list nice and organized for every room. Here’s a rundown of our top 3 favorites for tenants to add into their cleaning routine and smartphones:

TaskRabbit – This company consistently comes to mind whenever we think about cleaning, decorating, or moving into a apartment. Their vetted Taskers are ready to lend a hand and abide to your established “to do” cleaning list!

Offer Up – Spring cleaning is all about freshening up your space, and a great way to do this is going through all of your stuff. After you sort through your closet, Offer Up is an app that lets users sell unused items. Not only will your closet have more storage, but you’ll earn some extra cash!

Tody – Is it hard for you to keep up with your never ending list of chores – especially with little ones running around? Tody was created to help you monitor frequent cleanings tasks on a recurring schedule. From cleaning the cat litter box to mopping the kitchen floor, don’t miss a beat with Toby’s organized help!

Now that every window has been washed and every dish has been scrubbed, what cleaning tips would you like to pass on to other apartment dwellers? Share with us on Facebook!

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