Storage Solutions for Small Apartment Spaces

Moving into a new Forest Properties apartment is filled with excitement, readjustment, and a ton of organization. Whether your new adobe is a one-bedroom apartment or three-bedroom townhome, making use of every little square foot counts. If your goal is to balance function with creativity, check out our tips on how to maximize space and embrace these storage solutions for small apartments.

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Organize the Back of Closet Doors

From hallway closets to kitchen cabinets, one easy way to give yourself additional storage space is to utilize the back of closet doors. Here are a few items that fit perfectly in different closet doors of your Cloverleaf Apartment:

  • In the Bathroom: Hang extra bathrobes or towels on the back of closet doors with over-the-door hooks. If your apartment has a vanity, add removable hooks for cosmetic cases, cleaning supplies, and hair accessories.
  • In the Entryway: Your coat closet is about to be renovated into the ultimate storage solution! Add over-the-door hooks to hang every day accessories, such as scarves, umbrellas, ponchos, and other items you may need as you run out the door.
  • In the Kitchen: Maximize the storage space of your Ranch Lake Apartment by adding small, shelf-like structures to the back of the cabinet doors. This is a great place to store light dry foods, extra hand towels and sponges, spice jars, and small utensils.

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The Beautiful Ranch Lake Apartments

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Add a Kitchen Cart

It’s no secret that having extra counter space and cabinets in your kitchen is something to jump for joy over! A great way to add additional storage space to any kitchen is with a rolling kitchen cart. We recommend looking into bar height cards, which have the dual purpose of a kitchen island and additional entertaining or dining space.

living room with sofa, table, chairs, and plants in Forest Properties apartment.

Coffee Tables with Build-In Storage

Our New England residents of Landing 53 and Arbor View are no strangers to extra fluffy blankets. Instead of stuffing comforters, pillows, and throw blankets under your bed, consider investing in a durable coffee table with storage space.

The best part of these types of coffee tables is function and durability. Many styles offer tops that lift and drawers that pull out to give you a clutter-free living space that hides seasonal accessories.

shoes lined up in hallway on brown entry mat

Smart Shoe Storage

Whether you have five pairs or 50 pairs, utilizing space to store your shoes is something everybody can improve. In order to maximize the closet space of your Magnolia Estates apartment, consider adding the following shoe storage solutions:

  • Under-the-bed shoe containers
  • Labeled plastic bins
  • Over-the-door shoe holders
  • Shoe cubby bench at your entryway

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Welcome to Lake Lucerne Towers

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Hang (Some) Stuff on the Walls

When thinking about apartment clutter and all the storage space you wish you had, don’t be afraid to get creative on how to display items. While we encourage tenants to double check with their property manager on what kind of modifications can be made to their unit, you’ll be amazed at how much space you can save when hanging items, such as plants and mirrors, on your walls.

Add Bed Risers

From an early age, we are all guilty of stuffing the empty space under our beds. Now, however, it’s time to handle like this as adults: get bed risers! This is an inexpensive way to create additional under the bed storage in your Lake Lucerne Towers home.


What are your go-to storage hacks to make the most of available space in your apartment? Share ideas with us on Facebook!

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