Winterizing Your Boston Apartment

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Lets face it: these crisp mornings, frosted windows, and less daylight mean winter is officially right around the corner. If you’re a resident of one of Forest Properties’ Boston-Metro apartments, you’ll know first hand that Boston truly is a beautiful city after a fresh blanket of snow, but man, it does get cold! In order to keep your apartment warm and cozy, we’ve compiled a few tips to prep your apartment for Old Man Winter.

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When Apartment Hunting in Boston…

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Close Storm Windows

A quick “check” to mark off your winterizing list for each room of your apartment is to ensure storm windows are tightly closed. If applicable to your apartment, simply raise your windows screens and pull down storm windows. The main goal is to keep winter’s chill outside where it belongs, and drafts can find their way in through the smallest crack. Give your windows an extra layer of protection by adding insulation tape to the perimeter of windows, or contact your property manager for their recommended solution.

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Switch Out Your Curtains

While we’re discussing windows, did you know that the type of curtain you use can help decrease the amount of cool air entering your apartment by 25%? This is not only beneficial in the winter, but for those hot Boston summer days, too!

Now that your apartment windows are sealed, add a thick layer of fabric from The Shade Store to trap heat inside with curtains. Velvet or thermal curtains are great options – especially if they’re warm neutral colors. If your apartment has windows with beautiful views of Boston, like The Parkside, keep your curtains open during the day to allow Mother Nature’s sunlight in! Be sure to close them at night or on cloudy days to keep that warm air inside.

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The Clearway Apartments in Boston

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Add Carpets or Area Rugs

Carpets have so many benefits in apartments: they add a soft touch to hardwood or tile floors, tie together your room decor, and act as an insulator. From traditional to fluffy, area rugs from The Rug Company in Boston are excellent investments when it comes to blocking out the cold. They will also keep your feet nice and warm! Here are some recommended places to add area rugs in your apartment:

  • Under dining room tables
  • The living room and bedrooms
  • In front of kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Long hallways
  • Near high-traffic doorways

Keep Doors Closed

Depending on the size of your apartment, confining the space you want to heat will not only warm up your unit quicker, but will give your wallet a bit of a break. If you have a large closet or set of rooms that dont need to be heated, keep those doors shut to limit air flow.

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Bundle Up!

Now that your apartment is warm and cozy for the next frosty morning, it’s time to think of yourself! Cold winds and snow storms are no strangers to Boston, which means residents more than likely have quite a collection of winter apparel. But what’s the best way to store these bulky items, especially if they need to dry? From mittens to scarves, parkas to snow boots, properly storing your outerwear is a big part of winterizing (and organizing!) your home:

  • Designate a place for snow boots to dry off (protect your floors by adding a rubber mat to collect melted snow and dirt).
  • Throw damp scarves, hats, and gloves right into the dryer. Once your accessories are dry, explore trendy storage options from Crate&Barrel for apartment dwellers.
  • Hang winter coats in an area with tile flooring, like your bathroom or laundry room, to dry off. This makes for easy clean up if your outerwear is dripping dry!
  • Keep ice scrapers and slovels near the front door or hall closet

Preparing to temporarily winterize your apartment doesn’t stop in Boston. In fact, we think those residents of Forest Properties’ communities in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York could benefit, too! Cozy up to our latest featured apartments for some warm inspiration!

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