Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving in Your Apartment

With the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself in conversations that start off with “Who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year?”. When you live in an apartment, hosting a party or dinner of any kind may feel a bit overwhelming, especially Thanksgiving. However, don’t let your limited space hold you back from acting as the hostess with the mostest! These tips from Forest Properties will help you host a festive and memorable dinner party with ease.

a roasted turkey on a thanksgiving table.

Take Time to Prepare

Hosting for the holidays is no easy feat. The best way to help yourself stay on top of tasks and master organization is to create checklists. As you sit down and begin your party planning, here are a few things to think about:

  • How many guests you would like to invite (and how many you can accommodate)
  • Cooking and prepping space
  • Your stock of dishware and cooking supplies
  • Menu items and dietary restrictions
  • Ingredients you have vs. ingredients you need
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Give Your Apartment a Good Cleaning

Before you tie your cooking apron and bring out your seasonal dishware, hosting for the holidays will give you a reason to dig up your apartment cleaning checklist. As you dust and vacuum rooms in your Brook Village West apartment, use this as an opportunity to declutter, re-organize, and donate items you no longer use. Not only will this free up space in your apartment, but it will also give your home a fresh, clean feeling!

two people preparing thanksgiving dinner over a pot in the kitchen.

Make It a Potluck

There’s nothing wrong with a potluck-style Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re not comfortable taking on all of the food preparation by yourself, ask guests to bring a dish along! This is also a great way to taste and try new recipes.

A Helpful Tip: Don’t be afraid to be specific when asking guests to bring a dish. For example, instead of advising for a side dish, ask for a unique vegetable dish. This will help avoid duplicate recipes from being made.

Use Outdoor Spaces

While a majority of Forest Properties apartments experience cooler temperatures during November, residence of Ranch Lake and Audubon Cove in Florida are lucky enough to use outdoor dining spaces when hosting Thanksgiving. Spruce up your balcony with fall decor, such as mums and pumpkins, as you set up additional seating.

thanksgiving table setting with fall colors and decor.

Make Use of Seating You Already Have

The key to hosting in an apartment is improvising and making the most of what you already have. This is especially true when it comes to seating arrangements.

Besides using your dining room table or bistro set, don’t be afraid to let guests sit on your couch or loveseat as they eat. Don’t worry, this isn’t as scary as it sounds! You can pick up an affordable couch cover to protect fabric in case any spills happen. In addition, put out a few folding chairs in the living room and dining room as extra options.

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Provide Takeout Containers

After spending hours in your Clearway Apartment kitchen preparing turkey, ham, and more side dishes than you could shake a stick at, the last thing you want to do is fuss over leftovers. Avoid hours of kitchen cleanup by encouraging guests to bring leftovers home with them in takeout containers. This way, your refrigerator won’t be stuffed to the brim and you won’t have to eat turkey sandwiches for days on end. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Have you hosted Thanksgiving dinner in your Forest Properties in the past? What tried-and-true tips can you share with first-time hosts? Share yours on Facebook.

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