5 Housekeeping Shortcuts for Apartments

Keeping your Forest Properties apartment squeaky clean year-round may sound like a huge chore, but rest assured that we have a handful of quick-win cleaning tips for residents. If you’re ready to cut down on your housekeeping, grab a pair of yellow rubber gloves and follow these 5 housekeeping shortcuts for Florida apartments!

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1. Establish Quick Cleaning Wins

Carving time out of your daily schedule to clean your Forest Pointe Apartment sounds scary. Devoting an entire day for scrubbing down your home every week may work, but do you really want to spend a beautiful Florida day inside doing laundry?

We have the perfect workaround: get your calendar and jot down 1-2 chores for every other day of the week. Not only does this give a touch of organization to your daily routine, but you’ll quickly see how 15 minutes of quick cleaning eliminates the need for an entire cleaning day. Here’s an example schedule:

  • Monday: Clean bathroom counter, mirrors, and shower
  • Wednesday: Polish furniture and vacuum
  • Friday: Wipe down kitchen countertops and empty dishwasher
  • Saturday/Sunday: Laundry and other miscellaneous tasks
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2. Dust from Top to Bottom

If you’ve decided to add “dusting” to your list of cleaning wins, remember to dust from top to bottom. Tackle tall pieces of furniture first, like bookcases, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and vents before polishing smaller items, such as coffee tables, end tables, and so on. Even though dust particles may be small, gravity pulls them down, and there’s no need to clean the same piece of furniture twice! Finally, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to collect any dust bunnies that made it to the floor.

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3. Shoes Off, Please!

From dirt to sand and everything between, these materials are meant to stay outside of your Audubon Cove apartment. Establishing a “shoes off” policy will greatly reduce the amount of unwanted dirt in your Florida home. Place a shoe mat or waterproof tray near your front door for easy on/off access.

A Helpful Tip: For those apartment dwellers with dogs, use a damp cloth or pet-friendly grooming wipes from Pet Supply Center in Sarasota to brush off any dirt or pollen on Buddy’s paws and coat.

laundry hamper

4. Use Hampers

If you’re living with a roommate or small children, hampers will be your best friend. From laundry to toys and seasonal accessories, adding a few hampers throughout your apartment will tidy up the space, make laundry sorting a breeze, and avoid mountains of dirty clothes.

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5. Have a Place for Everything

More times than not, half of your cleaning efforts involve putting items back where they belong. A great way to quickly pick up around your Ranch Lake Apartment is to establish a place for everything. This may include adding labeled containers, closet baskets, and cabinet organizers to your home. Organizing the kitchen is a great place to start since it’s the one room with the most stuff. Invest in a countertop utensils container, spice rack, and under-the-sink organization.

What are your go-to tasks for a quick apartment cleaning spree? Share your tips with fellow residents on our Facebook page!

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