5 Apartment Kitchen Storage Solutions

Whether you’re preparing to move into a new apartment or are reorganizing your current living situation, your kitchen is the one space that houses the most stuff.  There are many yet-to-be-discovered storage spots lurking in your Forest Properties apartment, and we’re here to help you make the most of available space. From unique cabinet storage solutions to little tricks under the counter, here are 5 kitchen storage solutions to help you get creative, organized, and maximize your apartment living experience.

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1. Use the Top of Cabinets

If your Barclay on Beacon kitchen boasts a few extra inches of space atop the cabinets, you’ve just found your best storage spot for serving platters, extra cookie sheets, and seasonal dishware. Using empty space above your refrigerator is good, too! For a put-together look that adds a touch of character to your kitchen design, stop by Crate & Barrel in Boston for a few baskets that will fit nicely into the space. From woven to wired, baskets are the perfect way to collectively store extra dish towels, oven mitts, holiday placemats, and spare cooking utensils.

A Helpful Tip: Woven baskets are a hot trend for interior design, and if you love the recent farmhouse style that’s been going around, they’re an awesome storage solution for any room or closet in your Landing53 apartment.

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2. And the Bottom of Cabinets

That’s right – we’re all about using the top and bottom of cabinets! While the upper portion is perfect for storing larger kitchen accessories or appliances, the bottom of cabinets provide storage as well. With your landlord’s permission, add hooks to the flat, underneath surface to hold mugs. Another idea is to create a floating spice rack with the use of magnetic strips.

kitchen cart storage

3. Add a Kitchen Cart

Whether you call it a kitchen cart or a rolling island, adding one of these handy pieces into your current kitchen situation provides a ton of benefits – some of which extend past solving your current storage needs!

  • Provides extra counter space
  • Hosts additional seating for guests
  • Adds extra storage space

Your best bet is to purchase a kitchen cart that stands at counter or “bar” height to keep the look and functionality of your kitchen nice and consistent. This will make it easy to prep ingredients at counter-height, or add a few stools to create a breakfast nook that overlooks your view of The Parkside. Another idea is to purchase a cart with wheels so you have the option to roll it around as needed.

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4. Kitchen Canisters

To keep up with the farmhouse trend everyone loves (we’re guilty of it, too!), a great way to add charm to unused counter space is to add kitchen canisters. Not only are they great places to store essentials like sugar, flour, ground coffee, and extra cooking utensils, but they also declutter cabinet space for larger items. You can find canister sets at your local HomeGoods store, or you can design your own with a fun Mason jar DIY project.

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5. Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Depending on the depth of your Cloverleaf Apartments cabinets, you’ll be able to store smaller kitchen accessories in the interior of cabinet doors. An idea we love is creating a measurement conversion chart or making a pretty display of your go-to recipes. Take it a step further by hanging measuring cups and spoons, in order, on a ruler. Here’s how to create your own:

  1. Paint a wooden ruler to your liking
  2. Once it dries, make notations of measurement sizes with a fine-tip marker (¼ cup, ⅓ cup, ½ cup, ⅔ cup, ¾ cup, 1 cup, etc.)
  3. Place tiny screw-in cup hooks for each tool to hang from
  4. Attach the ruler horizontally to the interior of your cabinet door with sturdy double-sided tape or tacks
  5. Pair up each tool with its correct labeling written on the ruler
  6. Start cooking!

Does your apartment kitchen double as a cooking and entertaining area? How do you make the best use of storage in your space? Share your tips with us on Facebook!

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