The Ultimate Checklist for Apartment Dog Sitters

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If you’re heading out of town for a weekend trip to visit friends or for a well-deserved vacation, you may not be able to bring Fido along for the ride. If this is the case, you’ll want to leave your pet sitter with everything they could possibly need to take the best care of your four-legged family member. Whether your sitter is popping in your Forest Properties apartment, or your pup is making themselves home at another home, here’s how to make sure your pet (and sitter) have everything they need for a stress-free visit.

Before You Plan a Trip

Think about your dog’s personality and how he or she acts in new places with new people. It’s always best to ask a close friend or family member, who your dog knows, to pet sit. When your dog is around humans they know, they may better adjust to your absence. Another option is to check out local boarding facilities.

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For the Sitter

Choosing a sitter you trust is hands down the most important aspect of figuring out who will watch your dog. If you have a roommate, best friend, family member, or significant other who knows your dog (and vise versa), these are good condendors. It’s also good to offer your sitter the choice of staying in your apartment, since this is where your dog feels most comfortable.

If you find yourself heading out of town for a long period of time, or can’t find the right person to watch your pup, there are some wonderful dog boarding facilities near Forest Properties buildings. For residents in Boston, Luxe Pet Resort is a 5-star option for cats and dogs alike. For those living at The Parkside and Cloverleaf Apartments, The Urban Hound is a pawsome option for pups of all sizes.

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Gather Essential Information

Your trusted sitter should be familiar with your dog’s normal behavior, routines, likes and dislikes, and essential information in case anything unforeseen happens. Regardless of who watches your pup, compile the following information into a folder (labeled with your pet’s name) for the sitter a few days before you drop off Max (and pat him goodbye):

About Your Trip

  • Time and date of drop off and arrival
  • Where you will be staying
  • Emergency contact phone numbers (your cell number, vet, close friend, apartment manager)

About Your Dog

  • Feeding and treat schedule
  • List of foods that are toxic to dogs
  • List of any allergies and medications, if applicable
  • Vet and animal hospital information
  • Walking instructions (duration, frequency, friendly dog trails)
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Stock Up on Supplies

What’s the number one goal when leaving your dog with a pet sitter? Of course, it’s to get back to them as soon as you can, along with stocking up on every and any item Buddy may need.

An idea we love is putting together a doggy backpack or weekend bag that contains all of your dog’s favorite things. Have one bag for food, bowls, treats, and medications, and another containing favorite toys, bones, blankets, and their bed (make sure you wash their bed before and after).

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Preparing Your Pup

Whether your dog is visiting a sitter’s home or boarding facility, or the sitter is the guest in your home, there are plenty of ways to prepare your pup for company. Make sure collars and leashes are secure with working snaps, buckles, and ID tags in place. It’s also a great idea to bring your dog to the groomer before bringing him into someone’s home. Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa in Boston is a human and dog approved favorite!

Remember that preparation can go a long way when leaving your dog behind on vacation. It makes everyone involved feel a bit more at ease and comfortable until you return back home to plenty of high-fives and happy howls!

What friendly tips can you share for first-time pet parents who are traveling? Share your helpful ideas with us on Facebook!

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