The Best Sledding Hills in Boston

What’s the perfect winter activity everyone in your family and group of friends can get behind? Sledding, of course! Whether you prefer to slope around Boston on a slick sled or circular tube, there are plenty of hilly slopes near Forest Properties apartments to spend your next snow day. Here are the best urban sledding spots in Boston.

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Before we dive into the best sledding slopes in the metro area, here are a few essential items you’ll want to stock up on before tackling Boston’s best hills:

  • Snow pants and a winter jacket
  • Waterproof gloves and socks
  • A chunky hat and scarf set
  • Canteen of hot cocoa or other hot beverage
  • The most important accessory: a sled!

Flagstaff Hill

Conveniently located in Boston Common, Flagstaff Hill is the ultimate go-to sledding spot for residents of The Parkside. Once you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve launched yourself down the hill, strap on a pair of ice skates for a spin around nearby Frog Pond. Check out the ice skating schedule and information for season passes here.

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Millennium Park

Sledding on a landfill? There’s a first time for everything, right!? Once Mother Nature graces Millennium Park with a fresh blanket of white snow, it’s time to lace up your winter boots, grab your sled, and head over to this transformed landfill.

Rest assured that the park is free from leftover trash and any lingering scent – it’s been revitalized into a beautifully maintained urban playground. The hill rests within a retired piece of land that also hosts walking trails for snowshoeing and a recreational space to sit back and relax. You may be in luck to admire a few snowflakes falling from the sky during your visit!

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Corey Hill Outlook Park

Staying true to its name, Corey Hill Outlook Park in Brookline boasts a handful of hills with stellar city views. Residents of Barclay on Beacon are encouraged to check this popular hill out – it’s a short 8-minute walk!  Keep in mind that the hills here are short and steep, which may not be suitable for first-time sledders.

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Alexander Kemp Playground

The best part of Alexander Kemp Playground is its seasonal use – even though the chilly New England winters. All you need is a fresh blanket of puffy snow, a brightly colored sled, and you’re ready to roll! This Cambridge spot is popular for families and toddlers who are in the early stages of sledding.

Good to Know: Cloverleaf Apartments is an easy 30-minute drive away. It couldn’t be easier to spend an entire afternoon sledding close to home!

Rogers Park

Another top pick for parents with kids, Rogers Park is a mellow, 8-acre park for easygoing sledders. Sleds here don’t move super fast, which is perfect for baby’s first time on a toboggan, capturing a few pictures, and simply enjoying the winter wonderland around you. Make sure your camera is charged and the whole family is bundled!

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Sugar Bowl

To keep it short and sweet, Sugar Bowl in Jamaica Park is truly one of the best all-around sledding and tubing spots in the Boston area. With that being said, it’s well worth the drive for residents of Landing 53 (31 minutes) and Brook Village West (45 minutes). The shape of Sugar Bowl resembles an inverted hill, so the idea is to gain enough speed going down on one side, so you come up on the other. Plus, you don’t need to worry about crashing into trees at the bottom!

After you’ve had your sledding fix, stop by our former restaurant of the month, The Independent, for a bite to eat before checking out other free family activities in Boston.

Larz Anderson Park

Located near Brookline and Boston, Larz Anderson Park is a popular sledding spot for families. It offers a lot when it comes to sledding options, and besides housing hosting hills of all sizes, there’s an onsite ice-skating rink. Since this park is in a prime location, it does tend to get pretty busy on snow days.

Where are you go-to sledding slopes in the heart of Boston? Share your favorite spots with fellow Bostonians on our Facebook page!

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