How to Create an Apartment Home Office

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From catching up on paperwork, reading through the last chapters of a book, or establishing a set work zone, creating a home office in your Forest Properties apartment is a great solution. We’ve gathered five tried and true tips to creating a home office space, no matter how many extra square feet your apartment in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas of Florida does (or doesn’t) have!

Choose a Designated Office Space

Apartment dwellers don’t always have the luxury of a separate office a thome home depending on your apartment floor plan, but fear not! Here are a few clever ideas to create temporary, but designated office spaces:

  • Create a business or reading nook in the master bedroom
  • Set your desk under a sunny window in the living room
  • From 9-5, turn your dining room table into a temporary workstation
  • Transform your hall closet into a designated work space
  • Utilize the guest bedroom as a dual sleeping/working space

Another option is to utilize your apartment building clubhouse or private balconies. For residents of Audubon Cove and Forest Pointe, this will allow you to switch up your office scenery – all from the comfort of home!

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Establish Office Hours

Just because you’re home 24/7 doesn’t mean you should be working 24/7. To help keep your projects, phone calls, and video chats designated to a set 8 hour day and avoid overworking yourself, established set office hours. Of course, depending on the purpose of your home office, your working hours may vary.

For residents of Ranch Lake who are full time remote workers, this will help keep you from working outside your office hours. And for those who utilize your designated office space as an at-home hobby or reading room, setting office hours will ensure you actually spend time working towards a project.

Shop for a Desk

To residents of The Lexington in Sarasota who work remotely from home, this pointer is for you! If your normal 9-5 gig allows flexibility to work from home, choosing a desk that best suits your needs is essential for a productive work environment. Whatever your desk requirement are, make sure it’s sturdy, a good height for you (standing desks are very popular, too!), and has plenty of surface space for a computer, notebooks, and other personal accessories. Baer’s is a great furniture store to check out the latest desk designs, and with locations in Ft. Myers and Sarasota, it’s super convenient!

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Get Creative with Decor

Remote workers spend so much time in their home office, so you might as well have it perfectly reflect your personality and style! If you’re a creative person who appreciates DIY projects, here are a few ideas on how you can organize your space:

  • Add a hanging chalkboard or whiteboard for notes from Keeton’s
  • Throw a plush blanket over the back of your desk chair
  • Hang photos of family and friends
  • Accessorize your desk with help from Papyrus
  • Add pops of color with bright curtains, area rugs, or throw pillows

Do you frequently work from your apartment? What are your tips for newbies on how to create a productive and inspiring work space? We’d love to read your tips on Facebook!

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