13 Things to Throw Away Before Moving

If there’s one universal piece of advice to pass along before moving, it’s to declutter. After all, no one ever complained about not having enough boxes to pack, load, unpack!

As you pack, you’ll be faced with asking yourself “Do I really need this, can I live without this, and when’s the last time I actually used this?” To lighten your bags, speed up packing, and settle into your new Forest Properties apartment in Florida, here are the top 13 things to throw away before moving.


1. Unread Books

Books are some of the heaviest items to transport when moving. Whether you have a collection of books you’ve already read, some you’ve been meaning to read, or others that simply aren’t your favorite genre, don’t pack them. Instead, invite fellow book lovers over to your apartment to take a few new reads home with them!

2. Old Area Rugs

From door mats to kitchen runners and area rugs, consider throwing away a rug if it looks like it’s seen better days. Has it lost color and lacks vibrancy? Does it have an odor or stain? Does it clash with your new decor at Ranch Lake? If the answer is yes to the above, say goodbye and head over to Manatee Furniture in Bradenton!

3. Phone Chargers

If you still have the charger to your first cell phone from high school stuffed away in a box, it’s time to part ways. You’ll honestly never have a need for it again.

mugs hanging on wall

4. Cups and Mugs

You don’t realize how many cups, glasses, and mugs you’ve accumulated until it comes time to bubble wrap, tape, and pack each of them up. If you’re greeted with an array of unmatched, chipped, and faded cups when you open your cabinet, it’s time to downsize, revamp, and upgrade.

Design Tip: Why not move into your new Lake Lucerne Towers apartment with kitchenware that matches! Check out Kitchen Collection or Target in Orlando for adorable coffee mugs, on-the-go thermoses, and drinkware that suits your style.

5. Everything in Your Refrigerator

Do yourself a favor and stop purchasing perishable groceries 1-2 weeks before your moving date. There’s a good chance you’ll want to throw away items in your fridge to lessen your moving load, throw away expired items, and avoid in-transit spills.

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6. Kitchen Spices

Did you know kitchen spices have an expiration date? While it may seem like those handy jars of herbs and spices never go bad, here are basic timelines to help you decide what to throw out, replace, or pack when organizing your cozy Audubon Cove kitchen:

  • Seasoning blends, such as cumin, chili powder, and rubs: 1-2 years
  • Herbs like dried bay leaves, basil, oregano, and parsley: 1-3 years
  • Ground spices, including pepper and nutmeg: 2-3 years
  • Whole spices such as cinnamon sticks and peppercorns: 3-4 years
  • Extracts: 4 years (except for pure vanilla extract, which lasts indefinitely!)

7. Almost All of Your Towels

Bathroom towels are bulky to pack, aren’t too pricey, and should be replaced every few years. Plus, what’s better than a new, fluffy bath towel?

Pro Tip: There’s no need to throw away kitchen or hand towels since they may not be used as frequently. Instead, purchase a sanitizing detergent and wash your towels in hot water to reduce odor, remove stains, and keep colors bright.

8. Half-Used Toiletries

When it comes to half-used shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, you have two options: throw it away or condense. Our choice: condense! If you aren’t too picky, top off a bottle with another one instead of throwing both away. The best part? You’ll save money and will have a full set of toiletries for your updated bathroom at Forest Pointe in Coconut Creek.

9. Old or Sample-Sized Makeup

From travel-sized products to samples, it’s so easy to accumulate tiny bottles and tubes of makeup over time. Check the expiration date of makeup items and decide to love it, can it, or give it to a friend. Your makeup bag will feel so much lighter.

10. Outgrown, Unworn, and Out-of-Style Clothes

Sorting through your closet is an entire task on its own – especially when downsizing.

From your closet to dresser drawers, you’re bound to uncover a brand-new wardrobe simply because you haven’t worn certain pieces of clothing in a while. While these forgotten items may bring back memories or the feeling of attachment, here are a few questions to ask yourself to help decide whether to keep, sell, or donate clothing:

  • Have I outgrown this item? If so, donate it.
  • Did I wear this item this time last year? If not, it’s time to part ways.
  • Would I buy this again? If not, don’t keep it.

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11. Borrowed Items

As you’re rummaging through your closet, you may uncover forgotten shirts, dresses, skirts, handbags, shoes. Chances are, you’ll find yourself creating a pile of items that you borrowed and forgot to give back. Definitely make the effort to return these items to their rightful owners so you don’t need to pack them for your upcoming move.

12. Knick Knacks

The list of common household knick knacks is never-ending. To keep this short and sweet, if you don’t use it, get rid of it. Once you clear out space, you’ll be ready to know what items you must have in your apartment!

13. Anything You Forgot You Owned

After hours of packing and countless trips down the stairs to fill your moving truck, it’s inevitable to discover just how much stuff you have. Better yet, you’ll be amazed at how much you forgot you have! If you stumble across something that hasn’t crossed your mind in a while, donate it. It obviously wasn’t important enough to stay on your mind before the move!

Do you have a few apartment moves under your belt? What items do you recommend first-time movers leave behind, and others are worth packing? Share your input with us on Facebook!

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