Ways to Store Holiday Decorations

It seems that the holiday season quickly comes and goes every year – especially once you realize it’s finally time to take down seasonal decorations. Even though it may feel like you’ve spent hours upon hours on perfectly decorating your Forest Properties apartment for the Christmas season, and it aches to take everything down after a few short weeks, it’s important to properly pack, organize, and store your items. Here are a few clever ways to safely store your holiday decor!

holiday wreath with giant red bow

Hang Up Wreaths

Wreaths are tough to pack due to their size, shape, and extra bells and whistles. While taking down wreaths is pretty easy, there are a few ways to smartly store greenery in your Residences at Riverwalk apartment:

  • Use a wreath storage container
  • Build a hanging rod and hooks
  • Cover with plastic and lay horizontally

Use Clear, Resealable Storage Bags

From sandwich bags to freezer bags, make use of what’s in your pantry when it comes to storing smaller holiday decor. Resealable plastic bags are great ways to organize, label, and store items. The best part? When it comes time to decorate next year, you’ll be able to see the contents of each bag without rummaging through it!

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Wrap Lights Around Pieces of Cardboard

Taking down strings of Christmas lights is a daunting task. Not only do you have to unwrap your beautiful Christmas tree and spacious balcony at Audubon Cove, but you have to store them without getting tangles or knots! 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for this storage tip – simply cut large pieces of cardboard and wrap strands of lights around them. Since you’re using cardboard, you can also write on each piece where that particular strand of lights belongs (either on the tree, on the balcony, on the bookcase, etc.).

Pro Tip: Throwing lights in a box and hoping for the best isn’t going to do you any favors later on – trust us!

close up of a christmas tree and shiny red christmas ornaments

Use Bottles to Store Strings of Beads

Honestly… is there anything worse than trying to untangle strings of beads? It seems like the task will never end, and may in fact have you wonder if it’s even worth the effort. But fear not! Storing strings of beads and garland just got easier by using empty water or soda bottles. Simply lure each strand in a bottle in a circular motion to allow an even setting. It’s super easy to take the beads out to decorate your apartment at The EXO next year – just pull slowly!

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Ways to Store Ornaments

It seems like everyone has their own way of storing ornaments. Some use clear plastic bags, others use shoe boxes to organize their collection, and some just throw them in one big old box! Whatever your preference is, it’s important to ensure each ornament is properly prepped and packed for the coming 365 days. 

One way to store ornaments is to individually wrap each one. Next, label old shoe boxes and carefully place your wrapped ornaments inside. Be sure not to stack ornaments or pack them too tightly to avoid breakage or dents. Another creative option is to place each ornament in a small paper or plastic cup. This provides a protective shell around breakable ornaments and avoids hooks getting tangled together. The cups can be glued to a piece of supportive cardboard placed at the bottom of a storage container for additional support.

shiny red ribbon and christmas tree wrapping paper

Storing Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

If you can’t devote a permanent area in your apartment to holiday gift bags, bows, ribbons, and wrapping paper, a great way to store everything is with under-the-bed or hanging storage bins. This way, everything is out-of-sight and out-of-mind, but still easily accessible when needed.

Have you developed creative ways to store Christmas decorations (or any type of seasonal decor throughout the year)? Share your tips with us on Facebook!

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