Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Larger

We’re all about making the most of available space when it comes to apartment living, especially when there’s an opportunity to enhance the charm, organization, and visual aspects of your Forest Properties apartment. Whether you’re a seasoned apartment dweller or are in the middle of transitioning from a larger home, we have some helpful tips to help make your apartment look and feel larger than it really is!

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When Decorating, Think Vertically

One of the best ways to make the most of available space in your apartment is to think vertically rather than horizontally.

In other words, take advantage of any and all available wall space. For example, purchase furniture that is taller than it is wide, stack storage shelves from top to bottom, and hang your picture frames in vertical rows to draw eyes up-and-down instead of across.

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Add Large Mirrors

Did you know that adding mirrors that your apartment gives the illusion of a bigger space? It’s true! Since mirrors reflect their surroundings, consider hanging a few mirrors both vertically and horizontally in rooms throughout your Cloverleaf Apartment to accomplish this. Some ideas include wall-to-wall mirrors in the bedroom and hanging a horizontal mirror in the dining room.

Good to Know: Adding mirrors also helps to reflect light and brighten spaces that don’t get much sunlight.

plants in a windowsill with seating

Decorate with Light, Neutral Colors 

When it comes to apartment living, many residents are limited to modifications they can make to their Parkview Exchange apartment (like painting, opening walls, etc.). However, there are plenty of decorating tips you can use to help open up your living quarters to make it look and feel larger. Here are some ways you can incorporate light and neutral color schemes:

  • A neutral colored couch with pastel throw pillows
  • Potted plants and greenery
  • Light and airy window curtains
  • Tall lighting fixtures
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Invest in Multi-Use Furniture

Many people say furniture is what gives an apartment character, but is there a way to have furniture be in favor of style and additional space?

The solution? Multi-use furniture! Instead of having multiple storage baskets for pillows and throw blankets, consider using an ottoman with deep, hidden storage features. If you’re stuck between choosing a coffee table or desk, you can have both! Furniture companies actually make coffee tables that have vertical extensions to use as a desk while sitting on the couch. Talk about convenience while working from home!

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Manage Everyday Clutter

When thinking of everyday clutter, we automatically think of those pesky chores that seem to follow you around. While it’s easy to avoid that pile of laundry or collection of dirty dishes on the counter, set some time aside every day to tackle these chores. 

Not only will this make your apartment feel clean and declutter, but it will give the appearance of less stuff on your beautiful Magnolia Estates kitchen countertops, floors, and so on!

Have you revamped your apartment to give it a larger-than-life appearance? Share your tips with fellow residents on Facebook!

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