Tips for Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

Moving to a new city can be filled with new opportunity and plenty of adventure, but it can also feel a bit daunting if you’re relocating from a small town or suburb of Boston. There are obvious differences you’ll be able to prepare for, such as more people, more cars, and more options when it comes to morning coffee. However, there are some key factors you should think about before making the switch from suburban living to city life. If you’re thinking of moving to a Forest Properties apartment in Boston or the surrounding area, consider the following to help you prepare for your big move.

Boston city skyline lit up at night time over the water.

Research Your New City

Whether you’re preparing to move for a new job, to start school, or to simply take on a new adventure, one of the biggest factors of deciding where to live is taking the time to research where you want to live.

If you’re coming from a small town or suburb, you’ll want to be aware of how a new city complements your lifestyle. A great way to do this is to follow resources such as local blogs (just like the Forest Properties Blog!), tourism boards, local social media influencers, and so on to help you get a taste of everyday life.

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Use Technology and Apps

Technology is a beautiful thing. Because really, if it weren’t for technology, you wouldn’t be able to research your new city before moving there! Once you settle into your Fenway Portfolio Apartment, add new apps to your smartphone to help you explore every nook and cranny of Boston. The following apps can help you navigate, explore, and meet friends in your new city:

  • Google Maps: For walking, driving, and public transportation directions and commute times
  • Uber and Lyft: Convenient ride share services to bring you from point A to point B.
  • Bumble BFF: A social platform that helps you meet new friends that have similar interests as you.
  • Postmates: Delivery service that provides late night meals, cleaning supplies, basic toiletries, and more right to your doorstep.
  • Thumbtack: A great way to find professionals to help with anything you need in your apartment, including carpet cleaners, house cleaning services, and interior decorating.

public transportation in boston in front of a forest properties apartment building.

Ditch Your Car and Use Public Transportation

Having your own car may bring a feeling of independence, but to be honest, you really don’t need one when living in a city like Boston. From rideshare services to train systems and good old bicycles, you’ll be amazed at how many public transportation options exist. Better yet, residents of Landing 53 will see that many attractions are within a short walk from their apartment building. Why pay for a car, insurance, and gas when you can get exercise instead!

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Don’t Make Yourself a Target

Adjusting to city life can feel overwhelming, but the most important thing to keep in mind is your own safety. Try not to make yourself a burglary target by keeping your purse or bag zippered shut, avoid flashing accessories, and not leaving anything inside of your vehicle that may entice thieves.

It’s also a good idea to practice the buddy system. This will be easier once you get acclimated and make friends, so try to remember that traveling in pairs or in a group is better than walking by yourself (especially at night).

a group of friends sitting in a living room chatting and laughing together.

Invest in a Comfortable Couch

This may sound silly, but investing in a cozy couch has a ton of benefits to it. You’ll have a comfortable place to lounge and watch movies, host new friends, and of course welcome overnight visitors from out of town. If your Clearway Apartment has a spare bedroom, take the time to decorate the space as a welcoming abode for visiting friends and family. Read more in our Guest Room Must-Haves blog post. 

Always Make a Reservation

A city like Boston is home to some of the country’s best eateries, rooftop bars, and entertainment spots. Because of this, try to make a reservation whenever planning an evening out. Many restaurants encourage patrons to use apps like Resy to pre-book a table to confirm dates, times, and avoid long wait.

Have you relocated to Boston from a smaller town or suburb? Share your tips for new residents to help them explore their new city and feel at home in no time on Facebook!

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