Tips for Hosting Apartment Holiday Parties

As we welcome the month of November and the coming holiday season, it’s time to think about upcoming holiday get togethers, dinner parties, and hosting guests in your Forest Properties apartment. Throwing a holiday party at home sounds a bit overwhelming – but fear not! Kick up your party planning, preparation, and clean up tactics with our helpful guide.

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Make a To-Do List

First thing’s first… Where does one actually begin when it comes to planning a holiday party at home? Well, reading this guide is a great first step! Second, make a to-do list to keep yourself on top of preparations. From rooms to clean to grocery store pickups, here are a few things to check off your to-do list:

  • Decide which dishes to prepare
  • List ingredients you need to pick up from the grocery store
  • Create a music playlist
  • Sweep through our apartment cleaning tips

If you find yourself running tight on time, we strongly recommend utilizing local cleaning companies and meal delivery service in the Boston area. There’s nothing wrong asking for a little help from the Maids of Boston!

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Decide on the Menu

The menu of your upcoming holiday get together should totally revolve around the type of event you’re having. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you can stick to classic favorites, like roasted turkey or ham with stuffing, steamed veggies, and a sweet dessert ( these will make your Landing53 apartment kitchen smell divine!). If you’re thinking of throwing a Christmas cookie decorating soiree, don’t forget to load up on icing and sprinkles. And for those hosting Friendsgiving at their Heights at Cape Ann apartment, well, you’re in luck if each guests brings a favorite dish of their own!

Pro Host Tip: Depending on your type of party, consider how you can accommodate guests with special dietary needs or preferences. If some of your party guests are underage or dairy-sensitive, provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and dairy-free drinks.

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Provide Take Home Food Containers

If there’s one thing better than being invited to someone’s home for dinner, it’s leaving with a container filled with leftovers! As a host, it’s easy to over prepare when it comes to food, and if your guests bring a dish of homemade goodness along, there’s a good chance you’ll have a leftovers. Besides, how many turkey sandwiches can you stand to eat within a few days! Whether you prefer reusable plastic or recycled paper, check out the selection of reusable food containers on Amazon. There’s a ton to choose from at a variety of price points.

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Give Your Apartment a Clean Sweep

The turkey is in the oven, the table is set, and you’re dressed for the occasion. But wait – your apartment is a mess! While it’s easy to lose track of time as you prepare for guests, be sure to give yourself enough time to do a quick decluttering and clean sweep of your apartment. Here are a few go-to hacks before guests arrive:

  1. Vacuum carpeted areas, dust hardwood floors, and mop tiled surfaced
  2. Wipe down end tables, coffee tables, and other high-traffic surfaces
  3. Give the bathroom counter and mirror a quick spray with all-purpose cleaner
  4. Utilize under-the-bed storage containers for valuable or breakable items
  5. Store large or bulky items in your bedroom closet or behind a shower curtain
  6. Expecting overnight guests? Read up on the top Guest Room Must-Haves
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Set the Mood

If you have a knack for interior design and jazzing up your Parkside Apartment around the holidays with accessories, listen up! Besides providing great food and even better company, the ambiance of your apartment has a major role in the gathering’s vibe.

Whether you have a studio apartment or three bedroom home, a few go-to items we love include scented candles, fluffy throw blankets for seating areas, and DIY place settings for the table. Of course, string lights and a Christmas tree are a must as well. After all, it’s the small touches in apartments that truly make the space feel like home – especially around the holidays!

Whether you’re a first-timer host or seasoned pro, share some of your go-to tips and tricks with us on Facebook when hosting apartment holiday parties!

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