Tips for Apartment Living with Dogs

After a long day at work or running errands around Boston, there’s no better feeling than coming home to the wagging tail of your furry friend. In fact, many apartment dwellers share their space with dogs. After all, they’re always happy to see you and won’t steal your groceries! Whether you and Fido are moving into a Forest Properties apartment or you’re thinking of adding to the family, here are tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure your best friend (and roommate!) is happy and healthy.

  Dog On Couch

Choose a Breed that Suits Apartment Living

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when living with a dog is breed and personality. Certain breeds adapt better to small environments, but the size of your dog isn’t the only thing to consider. Fully understanding the temperament of dogs takes research, asking for advice, and checking with your apartment manager on what breeds are allowed. Popular pups for apartments include bulldogs, pugs, spaniels, beagles, and labs.

Our Tip: The ideal apartment pup should be politely mannered, friendly to neighbors, and remains calm when indoors.

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Develop House Rules

That’s right – your dog needs to understand house rules too! Buddy should be just as comfortable at home as you are, which can sometimes result in jumping on the couch for an afternoon nap or finding a pair of shoes that double as a chew toy. In order to give structure to your dog’s new apartment lifestyle at Landing53, rules will help create a balanced environment that keeps you in charge. Here are a few examples:

  1. Avoid jumping on the couch/bed
  2. Learn not to beg for food
  3. Stay calm when the doorbell rings
  4. Staying out of the garbage
  5. Chew toys > your new shoes
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Establish a Routine

From breakfast and dinner to morning and afternoon walks, getting Lucky into a regular routine is essential for apartment living. Besides feeding times, which dogs are always ready for, establish a set routine for bathroom breaks. Not only will this provide relief, but going on walks around Heights at Cape Ann is a great way to bond with your dog, give them something to look forward to, and get some play time in after being inside.

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Get Enough Exercise

If your daily goal is to reach those 10,000 steps, your apartment pup will certainly help with that! It’s very important to make sure your dog receives time every day to exercise, get fresh air, and play. Not only does this release excess energy, but it’s a huge mental and physical health benefit. Spring Hill in Plymouth features neatly maintained sidewalks for you and your dog to stroll through.

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Protect Your Floors

With so many balls to catch and bones to fetch, protecting your apartment flooring from Max’s playtime is a tip not to forget. In fact, your best bet is to tackle this step before introducing your dog to his new home. Here are a few recommended points to check off:

  • Place a temporary mat down where the food and water bowl sits
  • Designate a specific area to chew bones and play
  • Regularly clean your hard-surface flooring and vacuum carpets

It’s common for apartment complexes to require pet rent or additional fees on top of your security deposit. Keep your eyes open for messes, steer clear of potential chewing, and keep eco-friendly and pet-safe cleaning supplies from The Fish & Bone handy.

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