How to Cozy Up Your Apartment

As we change seasons and you look for ways to freshen up your Forest Properties apartment, now is the time to get creative and figure out ways how to cozy up your rental space. Doing this may seem like a difficult task since tenants are limited to what they can and cannot change in an apartment, but follow these easy ways to cozy up your home in no time.


Decorate the Walls

Blank, white walls are pretty generic in apartments. While this initial appearance may seem a bit bland and lacks character, you’re given the opportunity to add some statement pieces that reflect your personal taste. Consider adding pieces of art, tapestries, wreaths, and favorite family photos to communal spaces, like your dining room and living room.

Decorating Tip: Check with your property manager as to what modifications can be made to apartment walls. Instead of hammering nails to hang items, consider using removable hooks and strips.

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Exterior of the Exo in Astoria

The EXO in the Heart of Astoria

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Refresh Window Treatments

Depending on the season, update your window treatments with different curtains and drapes. Don’t worry – you won’t lose the stellar views from your Exo apartment in New York City! For example, use curtains that boast a thermal lining to make a space look warm and cozy for winter. On the contrary, consider using sheer linen curtains in the spring and summer months to embrace natural sunlight.

Add Mirrors

Did you know that adding mirrors to a space makes it appear larger? Whether you prefer vertical, horizontal, or a combination of both, add a few mirrors to enhance natural light and refresh your Wyndham Park townhome in Connecticut.

parkside kitchen

Consider Softer Lighting

Did you know the type of lighting in your Parke Place Village apartment can impact the coziness of it? Avoid harsh, bright light bulbs by substituting them with warm-toned LED lights for a golden glow that will make you feel relaxed in no time.

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Exterior shot of the Parke Place Village pool & patio area

Luxury Amenities at Parke Place Village

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Lay Down Area Rugs

While many apartments have a variety of carpeting, tile, and hardwood flooring, feel free to add a fun area rug to showcase your personal style and cozy up the space. From warm neutrals to vibrant colors, here are a few places to add area rugs in your Parkside Apartment home in Boston:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms (in front of the vanity and shower)
  • Dining rooms and living rooms
  • Kitchen area (especially in front of the sink)


Update Your Bedding

Believe it or not, updating your bedding for the warm and cold months can help cozy up your apartment in a variety of ways. Crisp cotton and linen bedding is great for spring and summer, while flannel sheets and soft down comforters are perfect for fall and winter. While you’re at it, keep throw pillows and a plush throw blanket at the foot of your bed for an extra touch of coziness.

Indoor Plants and Flowers

Fresh flowers and plants bring life into the dullest space. If you’re looking to find your green thumb on your Four Seasons or Lake Lucerne Towers balcony, check out our blog post on how to get started and what to grow.

Don’t have the time to maintain an apartment garden? No worries – you can find good quality decorative plants as substitutes at HomeGoods, Target, and other home decor hubs.

What are your go-to apartment decor tricks to cozy up and apartment throughout the year? Share your tips with us on Facebook.

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