How To Fix Apartment Damage Before Moving

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Your clothes are packed, pieces of furniture are wrapped up tight, and you have a never ending stack of moving boxes ready to be transported to your new Forest Properties apartment in the Boston-Metro area. If there’s one thing we love more than a new apartment, it’s a clean one! Before you schedule a final walkthrough with your landlord and hand in the keys, it’s important to keep an eye open for common apartment damages. Here are a few pointers to pay mind to that you can fix before saying “farewell!”

Before You Get Started: Check with your current leasing consultant on what type of damages should be fixed by tenants. Everyday wear and tear is common, but don’t be afraid to ask what you can do to get your security deposit back!

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Small Holes in the Wall

Once you take down and wrap up picture frames, wall mirrors, shelving units, and other pieces decor from your apartment walls, you’ll be surprised to see how many nails are left behind! Finish the job by carefully removing nails from the wall, followed by patching up remaining small holes. Depending on the size of the holes, ask your landlord what their preferred method of patching up is. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A hammer or nail remover
  • Spackling paste and putty knife
  • A few sheets of sandpaper
  • Paint that perfectly matches current wall color (ask your landlord if they have extra)
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Replace Broken Blinds

Who knew window blinds could be so bendable? After all, if you’re a resident of The Fenway & Back Bay Portfolio, you’ll be rolling up your blinds to check out beautiful views of Boston every day! Believe it or not, it turns out that broken blinds are one of the most common apartment damages.

Here’s what to do. First, dust off your blinds with a dry feather wand or microfiber cloth. Next, attempt to straighten out any bends or kinks. If your blinds are a little too bent and are cracked, it’s time to replace them (if you don’t do this, your landlord will – which may come from your security deposit). Stop by your local home improvement store to pick up a new set of blinds – which are normally inexpensive.

Don’t forget to grab a can of glass cleaner and wipe down the interior of your windows, too!

Carpet Stains

The trick to tackling stains is simple – remove them before they settle into your carpet! If you’re pretty spot on about keeping your carpets clean, it isn’t a bad idea to give your carpeted rooms a good cleaning before moving out. From spills to smudges of dirt, here are a few carpet cleaning options:

  • Rent a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store
  • Hire a carpet cleaning/steaming crew
  • Reach for baking soda, warm water, and a bristled brush to scrub away stains
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Scuff Marks

From hardwood floors to bathroom tile, painted walls and kitchen countertops, coming across a few scuff marks is bound to happen as your Boston-based moving company packs up your apartment. While a few scuff marks probably won’t cost you your security deposit, they do make your apartment look dirty (but we can fix that!).

Aim to remove large, noticeable scuff marks in high-traffic areas. Magic eraser cleaning bars work wonders on a majority of surfaces – all you need is warm water and a bit of elbow grease!

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The Final Scrub

The last step of your apartment moving checklist is to schedule a final walkthrough of your clean apartment. Although you may be a bit antsy to carry out the last box of cleaning supplies, don’t forget these apartment cleaning tips before your landlord stops by:

Deep Clean the Kitchen – clean our your cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, and other large appliances

Scrub the Bathrooms – freshen up the tub and counter tops, scrub away water stains and soap scum, cleanse the toilet bowl, and do a quick sweep of the floor

Tidy Up the Living Room and Bedrooms – carpets are stain-free, blinds are dust-free, and lighting fixtures are wiped down

Once your belongings are cleaned up, packed up, and loaded up into the moving truck, you’re ready to tackle these damages and settle into your new Boston apartment in no time!

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