Christmas Tree Alternatives for Apartments

If you’re one to hop on the latest bandwagon of seasonal decor, it’s time to get up to speed with the latest trends. Decorating for Christmas can be a bit tricky in Florida, but when it comes to Christmas tree alternatives for your Forest Properties home, we have you covered! Whether you’re an interior design junkie, parent to curious pets, or are looking for maintenance-free options, ring in the holiday spirit with the following alternatives that are far from the ordinary.

mini christmas tree

Turn to a Mini Tree

If your initial reason to search for Christmas tree alternatives is because of space, rest assured that not all trees need to be huge! In fact, a 3 or 4-foot tall tree will get the job done while adding a cozy Christmas feel to your Audubon Cove home. Whether you prefer an artificial or real tree, visit your local nursery to check out the selection (Uncle Al’s Christmas Trees and Heath Christmas Trees of Naples and Fort Myers have a ton of variety). Next, pick up a decorative planter to put the tree in. When it comes to decorating, less is more. To avoid damaging the small branches, add a few lightweight ornaments and a string of twinkle lights.

Another Idea: Since we’re in Florida, swap out your traditional Christmas fir with a mini palm tree!

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chalkboard tree

Draw a Chalkboard Tree

If you have little ones who are fans of arts and crafts, they’ll get a kick out of chalkboard Christmas trees. This is a great way for every family member to design and decorate the tree.

To get started, place a tall chalkboard in the living room of your Lake Lucerne Towers apartment. Next, sketch out your desired tree design on the board (the best part is you can always erase and start over again!). Once your tree is on the board, gather some DIY arts and crafts supplies to create ornaments. Colorful yarn, garland, fluffy pom poms, construction paper, and fun pieces of fabric can be used as decorations for your hand-drawn tree. Lastly, use double sided tape or sticky tacky to hang your decorations.

Create a Garland-Wrapped Ladder

This Christmas tree alternative is perhaps the easiest to assemble – you only need three items! Go to your local home decor store and search for a 4-6 foot wooden ladder, festive stockings, and a string or two of pine-inspired garland. Once you get home, prop up your ladder against a wall (no holes or drilling required), string the garland between the steps, and tie your stockings with twine on each step.  For an extra pop of sparkle, add battery-powered twinkle lights for a warm glow.

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Form a Christmas Card Tree

Attention pet parents – this Christmas tree alternative is for you. If your curious cat or playful pup insists on checkout out the sparkly, toy-looking ornaments on traditional trees, create a Christmas card tree!

Not only does this option eliminate maintenance and clean up, but it lets you display every Christmas card you’ve received. A Christmas card tree can be placed on any wall with the help of double sided tape or tacks. One of the coolest aspects of a Christmas card tree is the ability to keep adding to it – meaning it can reach any height or width throughout the holiday season!

books with lights

Stack Up a Book Tree

If you’re trying to figure out a way to clear your bookshelves to display holiday-themed decor, but aren’t sure where to place your collection of favorite reads in the meantime, we have the perfect idea. After all, who says books can only be enjoyed while they’re being read? Collect all of the hard and soft covered books you can get your hands on, designate a space for your creation, and get to stacking! To get really creative, play around with various stacking patterns to give your book tree a unique texture. Additionally, if you have a color scheme in your Lexington apartment, search for books with cover colors that compliment your interior design taste. Local shops, such as Sarasota Books and Brant’s Used Books, have plenty of used reads to fill your DIY tree and year-round bookshelf.

If you have a knack for DIY holiday decor and Christmas tree alternatives, share your favorite apartment creations with us on Facebook to spread the holiday joy!

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