Bathroom Organization and Decor Tips

The benefits of a clean, organized bathroom go beyond aesthetics. Keeping items neatly stored in your Forest Properties bathroom not only looks attractive and organized – it also enhances practicality for everyday use. From fluffing your towels to taking advantage of additional storage opportunities, refresh your powder room with our favorite bathroom organization and decor tips! 

Before You Get Started: Don’t hesitate to contact your property manager to double check what kinds of modifications can be made to your apartment. For example, some buildings may not allow drilling or nails to hang additional storage shelving or decor items.

cotton swabs in a glass jar next to a leafy green plant.

First, Declutter the Bathroom

Before you start your Ranch Lake apartment cleaning spree, take some time to go through everything in your bathroom. Go through the medicine cabinet, vanity drawers, and nearby linen closets. By creating a pile of items you no longer use, this will create more room and help you organize. There’s no point organizing stuff that you don’t need!

Keep the Counters Clutter-Free

It’s easy to let small items build up on your bathroom countertops, and we have just the set of organization tips to help you avoid this. Everything has its place in your luxury bathroom at The Parkside. Here are a few ways to keep everything in its place on your countertops:

  • Mason jars for cotton swabs, cotton balls, and makeup brushes
  • Soap dish container
  • Folded hand towels for convince
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Add Storage to Your Medicine Cabinet 

If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet, you can use the interior of the cabinet door as storage. Add flat-backed cups with a stick adhesive to the inside of your vanity door to store combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Band-Aids, and other thin items. Before you press the cups in place, line them up between the cabinet shelves to ensure the door will properly close.

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Rustic Shelving

We’re all about rustic farmhouse decor, and there are plenty of ways to include these themed items in your Landing 53 bathroom. To add a touch of personality and functionality to your space, consider adding rustic wood shelving above the toilet. This is a great way to store extra toilet paper rolls, hand towels, small picture frames, and scented diffusers. 

Remember, double check with your property manager to make sure it’s okay to nail shelving to your walls. You may be responsible to take out and cover up any holes after removing shelving.

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Use Drawer Dividers

There are so many little items that can get lost in cluttered bathroom drawers – which is why we love drawer organizers! These handy accessories help give all of your bathroom items a “home” and make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how to prep, place, and organize your drawers:

  • Prepare your vanity drawers by cleaning them out with a damp towel
  • Add a lining to the bottom of the drawers (choose your favorite color to add personality!)
  • Place acrylic or fabric drawer organizers 
  • Organize each drawer by theme. For example, toothbrushes, hair brushes and hot tools, first-aid items, etc.

green folded towels sitting on a stool in a tiled bathroom.

Towel Ladders

Towel ladders are a trendy decor item that not only look cute, but they serve a purpose, too! Hang your favorite collection of bathroom hand towels to add a pop of color to your Sagamore Court decor color scheme. To prevent the ladder from slipping, consider attaching rubber tips to the bottom of the ladder’s feet.

Have you recently refreshed your bathroom with new decor and organization hacks? Share your go-to tricks with us on Facebook!

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